Services and Fees

We offer many services when it comes to your tax needs. We believe in personalizing our services so that our clients aren't paying for services they won't need. We do this, by seeing what is necessary for your return and what is not, and by delivering a specific price for those needs.


We promise that our prices are some of the best you'll find while still rendering the same service you'll find elsewhere. We are even offering $15 off each individual/joint return for every person referred, or a $10 credit for those that have already filed. We know you'll be sastified with our service.

Online Remote Services


We are partnered with Tax Dome to be able to provide a fully remote Tax Filing Process. All new client's onboarding will be processed through online questionnaires. All clients will be required to create an account. Your portal will be your main resource for completing your tax filing as well as gain access to your finanacial documents. 


We are happy to provide this secure service to our clients as a way of making the preparation process as simple as possible.

Pricing is individualized so that no client pays for more than they need. You can find the starting prices below as well as the itemized prices for each additional form if needed. A price quote is available before the start of the filing process. No payment is required unless the client chooses to file. Our return estimates are completely free.


Filing Status:


  • Single: $100
  • Married Filing Jointly: $120
  • Married Filing Seperately: $100
  • Head of Household: $100



State Returns:

  • Standard:$30

  • Itemized:$40



  • Federal: $150

  • State: $50 


  • Schedule A: $40



  • Form 8863: $10


Self Employment/Business

  • Schedule C: $30


Rental Property and Supplemental Income:

  • Schedule E: $50



  • Schedule D: $30


Foreign Trader/ Interest & Dividends: 

  • Schedule B: $30


Additional Forms and Fees:


  • Schedule 1(Other Income): $10
  • Schedule 2: $10
  • Schedule 3: $10
  • Form 8915(A,B,C,D,E,F): $10




  • Postage Shipping Fee: $8
  • Per Diem Calculations: $10
  • Refund Transfer Fee: $35

Mail-In Service


For those clients unfamiliar with email, and would like to mail in their information, we ask that contact is made before any submission. We will provide you with the proper links to download the forms needed, and the P.O.Box in which those forms can be mailed to. This is the slowest processing option and we ask that you please note that a delay will incur with this choice of service. We however, do not discourage our clients from choosing it.