Forms and Submissions

All Forms directly associated with Aviation Tax Services can be found on this page. Not all forms are required for all clients. Our services are fully electronic and paper forms are not required for those clients using the client portal.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

New Client Intake Form(Online)


Our New Client Intake form is made to collect general information from our clients. This form is automatically sent through our client portal as part of our onboarding process. It no longer requires any printing/scanning/or faxing. We are extremely happy to offer this secure service, and any uploading of documents will be done through your own client profile. If you incur any errors, email or call to contact us. As always, if you wish to use a paper form, you may request one on our contact page, or by sending us an message.

Per Diem Calender


The calender is used to prepare the per diem allowance for the tax year of 2022. We will only perform per diem calculations for 2022 for clients living in NY,MN,IA,CA, and HI. For those looking to only purchase our per diem option, this calender will better assist us in returning your results quicker. You only need to write in your layovers on the corresponding date. You may also use the Calculator to do this, or just send in your schedules. We accept all three options.

If any of the following forms are needed, your analyst will send them to you directly.


I- Earned Income Credit

II-Education Credit

III-Self-Employment Profile

IV-Direct Deposit Log

V-Per Diem File Log

VI- State Work-Related Deductions



Don't want to use our client portal? Send us a message about our alternative options.